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How To Buy Marijuana Online In Canada


Many people in Canada may be asking the question to themselves – how can I buy marijuana online in Canada?

This can be difficult because currently marijuana in Canada can only be purchased for medical reasons and with a license. However, this will all possibly change in 2018 as the government of Canada plans to legalize purchasing marijuana for recreational use.

If the new rules come into place then Canadians will be able to legally grow a few plants in their house for recreational use as well as have the ability to buy marijuana online within Canada.

Currently in 2017 people do buy marijuana online but it isn’t technically legal. A variety of websites exist online and if someone was to search for them through a search engine and click on the websites they would have the ability to buy weed online and have it shipped to their house without a medical license.

In addition to all the illegal websites currently online selling marijuana in Canada there are also around 90 dispensaries in Vancouver, British Columbia alone and roughly 60-70 in Toronto according to GlobalNews. Some of these dispensaries also offered mail-order marijuana to be shipped directly to peoples doors.

The risks of purchasing marijuana online currently though can be great as both the people receiving pot in the mail and the producers are at risk of legal action by the government.

Until marijuana is legalized in Canada for recreational use then buying marijuana online in Canada

Where Can You Buy Weed Online In Canada

As mentioned above currently you cannot purchase marijuana online in Canada as it is illegal to do so for recreational purposes, and only permitted if you have a medical license.

However when the new regulations come into place in Canada the ability to purchase marijuana online will most likely become available. At that time there will be more and more websites coming online that will be able to legally sell marijuana online to their consumers.

It will be extremely convenient that in the comfort and privacy of your own home you will be able to safely purchase marijuana online and have it discreetly delivered to your door.

How Will Buying Weed Online Work

If purchasing marijuana online becomes legal in Canada in 2018 there will be some regulations around purchasing marijuana online. There will be some checks in place such as verification and proof of age 19+.

Once verification is completed then the purchase will be made online through a secure website that use SSL encryption on their website and collects payment online for the order.

The producer will then process the order and carefully package the marijuana and send via postal mail to your house directly. The shipments will usually come within a few days depending on the company you purchase the product from. Some companies will have multiple locations across Canada such as the West and East coast of Canada which will help speed up the delivery process.

How To Choose Where To Buy Marijuana Online

Once purchasing weed for recreational use becomes available to the public it will be important to know which company to purchase from.

There will be a number of factors that should be considered before purchasing from any particular website online. Such factors such as is the company licensed by the government to grow and sell marijuana? How big is the company? Is it a well established company? What is the reputation of their products they well? Do they provide a secure checkout process on their website?

Also you will need to consider the price of the product and the quality of the product. You will want to get the very best quality marijuana at the best possible price.

Make sure you research the companies in great detail before deciding which company you want to purchase from.