What Does ‘Namaste in Bed’ Mean?

It’s fairly standard to know that Namaste is a greeting with its roots in Hindu and Sanskrit culture and that is means to indicate your acknowledging the spiritual soul of the other person. That’s what you’ll find if you do some digging on the meaning of Namaste, but what is not some easy to find some understanding of what Namaste in bed means. Beds are tools for sleeping, so one has to wonder if it has something to do with having a deep, refreshing and perhaps even spiritually awakening sleep. Or does it have something to do with other things that might happen in the bedroom. So what does Namaste in bed really mean?

The truth is that this expression isn’t that common, and it seems to be that everyone is free to interpret it however they like. Namaste in bed may mean to wish someone has a peaceful sleep, but it can also mean that it’s time to get freaky and enjoy pleasurable sex with someone you care about. It could also mean that someone is hoping your remain tapped into your spirituality while you’re asleep, and surely there’s other possibilities too.

The truth is though the roots of this expression are very casual and colloquial and are actually from a meme. We’ll explain all of that in what does Namaste in bed mean, and why it’s an expression that can be used completely detached from yoga, spirituality or anything of the sort. Stick with us on this as we discuss more of what does Namaste in bed mean.

Lack of Enthusiasm

It’s perfectly natural for college students to be entirely unenthusiastic at the thought of going to class some mornings, and that may well what they’d choose to do if it’s up to them. Na ma ste in bed actually comes from a meme where the phonetically correct saying of the expression being used is:

No, I’m going to stay in bed

Nahma stay in bed

May seem entirely odd, but this is where Namaste in bed comes from – it’s a somewhat lazy and entirely unique way of saying that you really aren’t up for going to school that day. Another example could be a sports team and the coach makes a gameday practice optional. If you’re as ready for puck drop as you’re ever going to be and you’d just as soon not practice if you don’t have to..

Namaste, in bed

It may be that in some ways it depends on whether you’re being somewhat serious or just totally joking around when you use this expression. It may be that you’re referring to nocturnal existentialism or having the expectation of tantric sex, or it may just be that you’re using the meme version of Namaste in bed to say that you can’t be bothered to make your way onto campus today.

Bed Yoga?

The word namaste does have an association with the members of yoga practice coming and going together too. In fact, yoga is what most people will associate the word namaste with. Namaste in bed may be mostly from a meme, but bed yoga is an actual type of yoga practice that is designed for practice while you’re on your mattress. And yes, some of the poses are ones that are conducive to falling asleep more easily.

There’s a roundabout tie in to all of this, and that’s because college students sleep badly a lot of the time anyways because of the way they’re often burning the candle at both ends and having bad sleep hygiene along with it. So if you’re going to namaste in bed maybe try some bed yoga and catch up on your Zzs with a little more effectiveness.

Add a Sleep Aid

Sometime pop culture makes it way into product branding, and it seems that now applies to Namaste in Bed too. Namastay in bed is an all-natural herbal sleep aid product that helps people stay asleep longer, ease your brain into a normalized sleep cycle, and wake up more refreshed and feeling less groggy. It’s a play on words that is based on a much less legit play on words, and it may be just what you need to start sleeping better as you complete your undergrad studies.

Is there anything else that you can think of related to whatever else Namaste in bed might mean? If so, we’d love to know about it. Who knows? Maybe there’s something we’ve missed entirely, but we do know that saying Namaste in the accurate way means to bow to the divinity of another person. It has nothing to do with beds, sex, or sleeping better if we’re going to be honest about it.