What is the Meaning of Namaste in English

What is the meaning of Namaste in English

Let’s go on further with discussing the idea of Namaste, and including what is the Namaste meaning in English. The word revere is certainly not a common verb in the English language, although it is the name of a city in Suffolk County, Massachusetts and not far from Boston. आदर करना may be more common in Hindi, and this language spoken in much of Southeast Asia is about as close as you’ll come to ancient Sanskrit these days. To revere someone or something is to feel deep respect or admiration for them or it, and the idea of reverence is very prominent in the thinking embodied by the word Namaste.

There are differences between Sanskrit and Hindi, but if we are to ask what is the meaning of Namaste in English and take a translation it is ‘I bow to you’. In that way you can see that the idea of reverence is very front and center in the idea of how the expression Namaste is used. It may actually be unfortunate that most of us here in North America and think it is only related to inner peace or concluding a yoga practice session.

The Namaste meaning in English should have a whole lot more to it that that, and so that is what we’re going to do with this entry – try to provide a deeper definition of what Namaste means. Many people who are familiar with Ancient Eastern Philosophy will say that it is not a bad thing that the expression has been borrowed by western culture but it’s a shame that it is over simplified.

Namahs for Everyone

It certainly is beneficial if human beings can acknowledge the existential nature of their fellow humans, but our world often makes it so that we are not able to tap into our consciousness and spirituality to the extent that we could. Doing so would give us a greater understanding of the true Namaste meaning in English, and it might enlighten people in ways that would make us more understanding of each other. The psychological benefits of hugs has been well established, and hopefully people can eventually get many of the same benefits from receiving a Namaste greeting.

Namah means to bow in Sanskrit, and that gesture has always been the way expressing that reverence for the person being acknowledged.

Here are some other good approximations of Namaste meaning in English:

  • I honor the place in you where the entire universe dwells
  • I bow to the place in you that is love, light, and joy
  • You and I are one when we bow to our true nature
  • My soul recognizes your soul
  • We are the same, we are one
  • I honor the place in you that is the same as it is in me

Location, Location

Another part of the Namaste greeting that people will associate it based on yoga is the hands pressed together over the chest as they bow. There’s a significance in that too worth mentioning with our discussion of Namaste meaning in English, and that’s because by placing your hands over your heart you are channeling your energy from the heart chakra. This acknowledges the divine spirt inside the other’s person’s core. It is also believe that placing your hands together in this location means you are passing on positive energies to the receiving person.

Unity and thankfulness are also part of the expression, and overall it adds the right visual emphasis to your acknowledgement. Again, it is important to understand that Namaste is much more of an acknowledgement than a greeting if you are using the term as it is intended and the physical part of the expression is just as important as the verbal one.

Timing Too

The last thing we’ll mention with this entry about Namaste and its meaning in English is that it is not an expression and gesture that you should use very casually or often. There are common situations where Namaste is said if you’re a part of the cultures on that side of the world and where the word Namaste comes from.

Here are some of them:

  • Greeting an elder person to show respect
  • Greeting a mentor or professor
  • Showing thankfulness when someone goes out of their way to help you
  • Showing thankfulness when someone has been kind to you
  • Greeting someone special in your home

What is the meaning of Namaste in English? The most basic meaning is that it is to say, ‘I bow to you.’

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