How to Pronounce Namaste

Some people are better than others when it comes to pronouncing words that are not from the English language. Namaste is one of the thousands of words that we’ve borrowed from other languages, and many people will have heard it frequently enough to know how to say it. They may wonder how to pronounce Namaste, or asking what does it mean to say Namaste?

Alright, let’s look at how to pronounce Namaste first. It’s helpful to know what Namaste means, but saying words properly is a great place to start. Here is how to pronounce Namaste:

Na / Ma / Stay / – Namaste

How to pronounce Namaste

That’s it, and learning how to pronounce Namaste isn’t difficult. Understanding what does it mean to say Namaste – to greet and show admiration, respect and reverence for the other person’s soul and divine nature – will require more effort than what it takes to say it properly.

This is a term that has its roots in Hindu culture and is often associated with Ayurveda health therapies and approaches that stress the importance of a positive mind / body connection. That’s good knowledge to have to go along with how to pronounce Namaste. It’s a word used to express your understanding of the divine nature of your existence and being in perfect balance.

Part of knowing what does it mean to say Namaste is understanding that it needs to be a sincere expression used when you are both greeting and showing your respect for another person’s divinity. If you’re saying it only at the end of your yoga practice that’s fine, but it’s good to be aware of the significance and meaning of the word Namaste when you hear it being used.

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