Namaste Memes

Yoga has exploded in popularity over recent years, and the term ‘Namaste’ has become more ubiquitous along with it. It’s a term that has real value and deep meaning in Hindi culture, but that it’s been appropriated in the way it has for physical and spiritual wellness pursuits isn’t a bad thing. We’re also living in a very digital world now, so seeing Namaste memes related to expressing peace and serenity shouldn’t come as a surprise.

A yoga meme with Namaste would be the type you’d expect to see, but how about a Namaste in bed meme? Any Namaste meme that’s funny will be popular too. Do you have any Namaste memes you’ve seen that were creative and memorable? We’d like to see them here because it is interesting when a term related to mindfulness and wellbeing is interpreted in ways that are out of the ordinary.

A yoga meme around Namaste might have a pet in a yoga pose with legs crossed and the palms of both paws together and eyes closed. A Namaste in bed meme might have a human doing the same thing with their hands while asleep in bed. There’s unlimited possibilities with Namaste memes that are funny, so share some of your ideas for Namaste memes.

Here’s a few Namaste memes we dug up and think you’ll find entertaining:

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